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THE ARC (Arbor Rip Clip)

Making huge waves with it's unveiling at USITT 2017, the ARC is the industry's new safe alternative to spring clips on the fly rail. Check out the video below to see the ARC in action!


Lightweight & Strong

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Increased Safety

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Ready to run a safer rail?

Trade in your spring clips today!


How long does the ARC last?

The ARC has more than 6,000 on/off reps and still going!!

How much weight does the ARC hold?

The ARC has been tested to hold roughly 8 lbs. of spreader plates.

What size arbor does the ARC fit?

The ARC is designed to fit the most common 3/4" arbor. We're working on ARC 2.0 that will cover venues with 1" arbors. Stay tuned!

What happens if my ARC breaks?

We back the ARC with a 1 yr. free replacement. So the next one's on us!